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All of our mask frames use technology developed by UCONN
and are proudly produced in Connecticut, USA

Custom reusable face mask frame made exactly for you!

What is Secure Fit mask frame?

A mask frame is an exoskeleton that comfortably on top of your mask improving the efficacy of your mask. They are custom molded to your specific face. They work on all face types regardless of size including children, broad and narrow faced adults. Each mask is custom made exactly for you. 

Doctors and staff at the UCONN medical center wanted a better fitting and safer surgical mask that could closely match the effectiveness of a fitted N95 mask. They sought an alternative that could mitigate the extreme cost and limited supply of N95 respirator masks. 

Under the direction of Dr. Laurencin, graduate students of the CT Convergence Institute, developed a “mask frame” that acts as an exoskeleton to be worn outside of a traditional procedure/surgical mask which simultaneously decreases the amount of non-filtered air flow while providing additional comfort. 
Here’s bit more information on their journey.

Additional techniques were developed to allow for custom production for an individual’s specific facial measurements by simply using a photo of a person’s profile and face next to a reference object. 

Alongside a team of talented medical professionals, production engineers, and commerce specialists, the innovative custom Secure Fit mask frame went on sale to general public on July 23. 

The team continues iterative development and refinements to the overall process. We treat this as a living product. We actively listen to feedback from medical professionals and consumers. The knowledge gained from having such a close relationship with actual users of this first product is injected back into the process.

How does Secure Fit help?

Less Gap = More protection and reduction in eye glass fogging! Our Secure Fit face mask frame is custom-made for each user to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The mask frame is to be used on top of conventional masks and provides better protection to the nose and the mouth. Learn about the difference a gap makes! The frame has been tested extensively and can assure that anyone wearing the mask with the Secure Fit mask frame can still talk, breathe, and even smile. Our attempt is to ensure that the mask has a seal to improve the safety of all healthcare workers. Take a look at some sample photos.

Critical key benefits

  • Increases efficacy of masks
  • Decreases eye glass fogging
  • Clearer voice when wearing a mask
  • Custom fit mask for all face types including children
  • Overall comfort and peace of mind
  • Allows use of less expensive masks without sacrificing safety

    See a benefits analysis study here. 

Where can I get a
Secure Fit mask frame?

You buy a custom Secure Fit mask frame
at our online store – Buy Now

If you have any questions or inquiries,
please reach out to us at
and we’ll get in touch.

The journey of a Secure Fit mask frame

Step 1: The user takes two photos near a reference object such as a ruler. 


Step 2: Connecticut Biotech engineers build a 3D model of the mask frame that will precisely fit a person’s face.


Step 3: A mask frame is modeled to fit the individual and sent to a bank of 3D printers. 


Step 4: It takes about 3 hours to create a mask frame in our production lab. The mask frame is then cleaned, inspected for defects, tested for strength.

Step 5: After attaching comfort straps, the package is mailed out to another happy customer! 


If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach out to us at support@CTbiotech.com and we’ll get in touch.