N95 Masks Information

N95 Factory Direct Mask Information

N95 masks are usually made at manufacturing facilities that make more than 10 million masks a month. They usually lock into long term agreements with distributors that sell them to wholesalers, which sell them to sub wholesalers, then to the public.

When you have a chain with this many links the likelihood of counterfeit products increases. CTbiotech.com marks most of our masks as factory direct or authorized distributors direct. This means there is a verifiable chain of custody of the masks so we can prove authentication

N95 Storage Conditions and Requirements

N95 masks need to be stored in climate-controlled warehouses. If a warehouse has a humidity of over 80%, the temperature under -4 F, or over 86 F the masks may become spoiled or less effective. Once you purchase masks you should store them inside and out of moist conditions. Click here for more information.
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