How It Works

Our proprietary technology creates a 3D model of your face using only two photographs, one from the front and one from the side.

A key part of the process is including a reference object of a known size. This lets us set the overall size of your frame. We recommend using a ruler as the reference object.

What if I don't have a ruler?

If you don’t have a ruler, use another common object like a flattened US dollar bill. Both pictures should be taken with the camera at the same distance, ideally about 20 inches. Holding your phone at arms-length will work well.

How do I get the best fit?

The more “squared” you are in your photo, the more comfortable and accurate fit we can achieve for you. It is essential that your face is upright and angled properly to measure your face accurately.

The Front View Photo

For the front-view photo, hold your reference object against your cheek. This positions it in the same plane as the mask frame. Holding the object too far forward or back may result in a poorly fitting frame.

The Side View or Profile Photo

For the side-view photo, hold the reference object in front of your nose. The optimal position is facing directly forward so the point of your nose is perpendicular to the camera. We understand that this can be tricky and may require a friend, but it’s worth it – Safety and comfort for a very long time versus a few minutes of inconvenience.

Submitting Your Photos

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