Magnum NIOSH N95 Hard Shell Respirator with Headbands

Respirator Details

Schedule 84A
Approval # 9051
Manufacturer Code MMP
Approval Date 4/10/2020
Product Line Model MH CUP, N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator
Product Type Air-Purifying
Air-Purifying Type Particulate Filtering
Atmosphere-Supplying Type
For Protection Against N95 
Rated Service Time (min)
Facepiece Type Filtering Facepiece
Powered? Non-powered
Number of Filters 1
Replaceable Filter? No
Filter Location Filtering-facepiece
Cartridge or Canister
Number of Cart/Can
Location of Cart/Can
Replaceable Cart/Can?  
SAR Type
Air Flow
Breathing Gas
% Oxygen in Breathing Gas
Regulator Location
Low Temperature (C)
Low Temperature (F)
Exhalation Valve? No
Self Rescuer? No
Obsolete? No
Private Labels
Rated Duration
Cylinder PSIG
CBRN Approval Date
Comments Model MH CUP N95 MASK - renamed as model/part number MH CUP, July 21, 2021.

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