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%95 or Greater Filtration
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops
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Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops

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CT Biotech FDA Registration Number: 3017379712

CT Biotech DUNS number: 036643218


Product Name: Halo FFP2 Respirator with Ear Loops

Explanation: Halo FFP2 respirator face masks feature a user-friendly design, providing optimum protection and comfort. Its five layers of filtering media offer superior protection from suspended particulate matter. Embedded nasal clip and ear loop connection help to keep the proper seal.


  • Universal “C” style Flat fold design - head loop type
  • Secure fit with Nose Clip
  • Comfortable fit with Easy Breathability
  • Hypoallergenic and Soft
  • Lightweight and compatible with other PPE
  • Bacterial/Viral Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >99%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) > 95%
  • All masks are sterile and shipped in sealed sterile packaging.


Masks Type: FFP2, C style flat-fold, ear-loop, disposable


Certification: This product is authorized only for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use of medical devices, including alternative products used as medical devices, during the COVID-19 outbreak, under section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1) unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner. - link


Why should you buy it? : Halo FFP2 masks are made of the same materials as N95s. The only difference is that these masks do not have headbands. Although they are not cleared or approved by FDA, they have been approved for general medical use in 50 countries. Therefore they are highly protective, comfort and also inexpensive masks.


Areas of usage: These masks are recommended for transport drivers, taxi drivers, public service personnel, armed police, traffic police, security personnel, media reporters, couriers because of the daily contact with many people.


Materials: They have 5 layers.

  • PP Non-fabric filters ≥ 0.5 microns of airborne particles
  • Electrostatic charged melt-blown filters ≥ 0.3 microns of particles
  • Second electrostatic charged melt-blown layer for dual protection
  • Hot air cotton to provide support and structure for a comfortable fit
  • Ultra-soft hydrophilic sweat absorbent layer for dual prevents irritation of the skin


The Place of Production: They are made in India with high-quality hypoallergenic and soft materials.


Attention: They are not approved for medical use. They are not surgical masks.

These masks are made with the same filtration material as N95 masks – but because they have earloops instead of headbands, they have less seal and cannot be marketed as N95 masks in the US.