How do I submit my photos for face measurements?

We need two photos to get your mask frame printed as close as possible to your facial dimensions as possible for maximum comfort and protection. Get the details on how to submit a photo here. 


Will this prevent glasses fogging while wearing a mask? 

In most cases, yes. Because the Secure Fit mask frame sites on top of the mask and reduces gap, the humidity from your breath travels through the actual mask (as it’s supposed to) instead of traveling up behind your glasses and reduces fogging of your glasses. 


Can I use something other than a ruler when taking the measurement photo?

Yes. We require a forward facing and side facing photo to insure that your Secure Fit frame mask has the tightest fit without disrupting your comfort. 

To do this, we need measurements. A ruler is ideal, but you can also use a dollar bill, a can of soda or a deck of standard size playing cards. For maximum accuracy, we measure each face manually. This extra step insures the most comfort and snug fit will be a true custom fit. 

How many times can I a reuse a Secure Fit mask frame?

Yes, absolutely. The reuse of the Secure Fit mask frame is partly why it’s so valuable.

The frame decreases the gaps in a normal mask insuring you get a snugger, safer, and more comfortable seal even with less expensive masks. 

How soon are mask frames created and shipped?

Mask frames can be produced and shipped AS SOON AS ONE DAY after receiving your photos for reference measurements.

Nearly 100% of our orders are now shipped as soon as they are custom printed for you!

What masks work with mask frame?

Nearly all masks work with our custom mask frame including handmade cloth masks as long as they are wide enough to cover the frame mask opening. 

The mask frame is designed to wear outside of a standard mask and be used indefinitely. We recommend ASTM level 2 procedural masks which we also offer for sale here