Mission: Make great strides in the field of biotechnology and, in the process, develop reliable and affordable products which will make the world a better place. 

The story behind Connecticut Biotech

Doctors and staff at the UCONN medical center wanted a better fitting and safer surgical mask that could closely match the effectiveness of a fitted N95 mask. They sought an alternative that could mitigate the extreme cost and limited supply of N95 respirator masks. 


Under the direction of Dr. Laurencin, graduate students of the CT Convergence Institute, developed a “mask frame” that acts as an exoskeleton to be worn outside of a traditional procedure/surgical mask which simultaneously decreases the amount of non-filtered air flow while providing additional comfort. Here’s bit more information on their journey.


Additional techniques were developed to allow for custom production for an individual’s specific facial measurements simply using a person’s profile and face next to a reference object. 


Don Vaccaro is no stranger to being a successful pioneer in various industries. In May of 2020, he formed Connecticut Biotech with the mission of providing safer, more comfortable and less expensive PPE’s and related medical supplies. By working closely with Dr. Laurencin and his team, Connecticut Biotech built a production lab in South Windsor, Connecticut. 


Alongside a team of talented medical professionals, production engineers, and commerce specialists, the innovative custom Secure Fit mask frame went on sale to general public on July 23. 


The team continues iterative development and refinements to the overall process. “We treat this as a living product”, says Mr. Vaccaro. “We actively listen to feedback from medical professionals and consumers. The knowledge gained from having such a close relationship with actual users of this first product is injected back into the process.” 

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